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Absolutely one of the best decisions we have ever made for the business.

Sean C. Guerin| CEO | U.S. Imaging Solutions
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Signing up with CEOJuice is like having a leprechaun move in to your system and finding the pot of gold he brings with him.  Since we have put their programs into place we have found as much or more income than the monthly cost. 


Are you giving away toner for free? We turned on event ID 23 and within 2 weeks it alerted us to a shipment that should have billed for $1053.00 but was invoiced out at $0.  Staff error was caught and fixed immediately due to the alert.  


Is your collection staff really calling on your past due customer accounts?  We turned on event ID 21 and now a manager gets informed of accounts that have not been contacted for collections.  Quicker payments, better cash flow, no accounts sent to collection agency.   


Ever had a tech input an emergency part into a rescheduled call, the part goes BadSynch, and then purchasing agent does not find it for 2 days?  Turn on event ID’s 40, 55 and 56 and get alerts which will email your staff to get those parts ordered immediately and keep those customers impressed with how quick their machine is back up and running. We had specific feedback that our quick service response with atypical parts needed has resulted in at least 3 sales of new equipment in the last 4 months. 


Is your pricing of parts and supplies being kept current compared to your costs?  We just had them create an event that automatically keeps the item records up to date with a default price at a defined margin above our cost.  No more selling an item at a loss because staff missed that our cost is now greater than the price on the item record. 


Want to make sure your customer gets a thank you letter after a sale? We have assigned this task to staff who then get busy and let other fires take precedence, or turnover occurs and training is missed, and eventually it gets dropped from the routine.  Managers and sales reps think it is a given routine when it is not.  Turn on event and the task won’t be forgotten, the letter shows up on your printer just stuff and mail it.


These are just a few examples of our experience within the first 6 months of being on the plan. 


Working with Gary and Mike is so easy.  They both have great business backgrounds are very knowledgeable in the needs of our business. If we describe the alert we would like, they generally already have it written or have something close that can be adjusted.  We just feed them the specific parameters that are meaningful to us and who the alerts go to and in short order we are getting information.  They have given us additional ideas and insight on how to use EAutomate and Goldmine to improve our processes for more accuracy and smoother work flow.  They also think ahead and not only discuss alerts but make you think how to take it to the next level and let the system fix it automatically.  You get so much more than just reports with this team, it’s like hiring an entire audit staff to review your records and work flow to alert you when something is amiss and/or take care of it for you. 


By Ann L. Gilley – Controller – Frontier Business Systems, Inc.

February 19, 2010





Cobb Technologies has been with CEO Juice for just a short time but the effects have been huge. Every one of our departments receives exception reports from CEO Juice. It has automated reports that used to take us time to generate. CEO Juice even wrote a custom report for us. They listened to what our needs were and created a custom report that enabled our sales managers to spend their time focused on new business. These exception reports give you the knowledge to make good sound decisions for your company. Since they are automated, it frees up your time to be productive in other areas. CEO Juice has great customer service. They are very responsive to any needs we have. Thank you CEO Juice!!


Andy Rutledge

VP of service

Cobb Technologies

Richmond, VA.




CEO Juice has over-delivered by marrying great information to real and ongoing business issues.  In the beginning, we felt that this would be a technology solution but have found it to be so much more, particularly in sharing so many best practices of other clients.  Our partnership has allowed us to improve operations considerably in a very short time, and we would recommend them to any business. They have exceeded every expectation - delivery, timing, and value add ideas - for every single project. Their only mistake is that their market value must be 4-5 greater than their fee.


Britt Sikes

U.S. Imaging Solutions






Verity Group

885 E. Collins Blvd., Suite 102

Richardson, Texas 75081

972-422-2228 Voice

972-422-2713 Facsimile



Those of us in the Managed Print Services business (and these days… who isn’t?) spend a great deal of our time trying to manage all of the systems it takes to operate and grow a business that is already multi-faceted and ever evolving.  There are so many areas that require so much attention and there is so little time and such limited support resources to do so… until now! 

CEO Juice is the right solution, with the right support, at the right time. 

CEO Juice bridges the gaps between various software components to provide automated best practices for managed print dealers.  They provide alerts and reports to help keep your contracts profitable, your technicians efficient, your sales consultants motivated and your customers informed.  These alerts are generated in real-time.  They identify issues as they are created and then notify the correct individuals to resolve the issues before they become problems.  As if that were not enough… they also follow-up with additional notifications, if you have not taken corrective action in the specified time.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Instead of spending your time trying to identify problems and then develop a plan to correct them and then trying to find the time to implement the plan… CEO Juice automates the process for you and keeps you on track through resolution.

Their support… from implementation and beyond… is superb.  They insist on meeting with you, on a regular basis, to work out any issues specific to your business.  They keep you informed on new alerts and processes.  They are there every step on the way… without ever trying to nickel and dime you for additional services.

These guys have found their niche and they do it better than anyone else.  They understand our business.  They know the problems we face.  They have created solutions.

I could not recommend their service more highly


John M. Cook

Vice President (and very satisfied CEO Juice customer)


We are one of the early adopters of the CEOJuice services.  I don’t know how we would get along without them today.  The ability to focus on the exception is invaluable and the CEOJuice folks have trouble keeping up with our continuing requests for new alerts.

Keith D. Snyder, CFO



CEOJuice has provided awareness on issues we didn’t know we had. They have offered recommendations that have made significant impact to our company. Their level of expertise is second to none and with their help, we are now more of a proactive organization with the ability to respond to issues and opportunities immediately.

Jeff Kaylor

VP, Service

Solution One


We love Juice! I've found the expertise by the CEO Juice team to be invaluable! They know and understand our business! The alerts that they have turned on for us have helped us greatly in running our dealership. The customer survey alert is the best we have by far! We now can automatically follow-up on every service call we complete and offer the customer an option to rate our service via a survey! We are getting awesome feedback from our customers and in some instances it has helped us resolve a customer's problem before it became a PROBLEM! Hat's off to Gary, Mike & AJ! Keep up the good work!


Edward J. Potrzeba, Jr.
Upstate Office Equipment, Inc.


Charles Broussard I have found CEO Juice to be one of the best tools for eAutomate users. We signed up in December. I wish I had done so two years ago. We have been able to pinpoint areas in our business that were costing us time, money and customer satisfaction. CEO Juice will send you alerts that give you the necessary information needed to make quick decisions without having to spend hours running reports and filtering out unnecessary data. CEO Juice sends you only what you need. Tech productivity, suspect warranty items, customer surveys, lease expirations and on and on. Get Juiced! We are!


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