Additional eAutomate Databases, Overview & Pricing

Our pricing models supports connections to multiple databases. If you have an eAutomate database and a CRM database like Compass/Goldmine/MSCRM or meter collection like FM Audit/PrintFleet that are hosted locally then connections to all databases are included in our fees.

However if you have a 2nd eAutomate database, it effectively doubles our workload. We have to set each up as separate customers, we have to login to each connection for every process you turn on. We also lose the ability to "auto deploy" our alerts. This also applies if you want to run our alerts in a test database at first. We charge $250 per month for each additional EA database. 

If you want to get this set up, email to start the process.


We will need:

  1. Name, address, phone, and company domain URL, to set up a new account. This is needed as there will be a separate account to turn alerts on specific to this company, separate from the others.
  2. We need you to create a new CEOJuice db for us with a name of CEOJuice_[EAutoDBRef], just like when you created the original DB
  3. You need to give our CEOJuice SQL login dbowner permission to that new CEOJuice_ db and the e-automate db as well.
  4. We would recommend using a different from email that is currently being used for the existing account, this will make identifying alerts easier if you have same recipients for alerts for all companies. You would need to set a mailbox/account up on your SMTP server. However if you want to use the same from email as the original account, that is fine as well.
  5. We will need this checklist completed click here
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