ID530 UPS Integration Process to push tracking info into EA

Keeping your customers updated on the status of supply orders is an important tool to be able to provide:

ID216 emails your customer when a supply order is entered

ID200 emails your customer when a supply order is shipped out

To use these you must have a Contact/email linked to the order, see here for instructions

There are two options for getting the UPS information into eAutomate.

1) You can type it manually, see instructions here or

2) You can use our 2 Way UPS Integration Worldship that will automatically push the tracking information into eAutomate. Subscribe to ID530 to get started.


The UPS Integration cost to set up (one time charge) is $1090 for a complete set of scripts/tables/views for two-way integration between eAutomate and your UPS WorldShip application.  See attached Word document for mapping information.  If you would like us to do the mapping for you it is $75 per workstation.  

You do not have to be a CEO Juice client to use the UPS integration. Video overview here. Click here for more info.


This integration is dependent upon the use of the Shipment process within eAutomate.  This is because the Shipment records (tied to the sales orders) are where eAutomate stores the tracking numbers for packages and where the integration to UPS’ tracking website is accessed. 

We have the capability to do some logic around freight charges to your customers if those charges are determined on no more than 2 rules (If order exceeds $100 then no charge for freight, etc.).

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    Jon Balter

    We have been using this and it is amazing.

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