Common Sense Selling (CSS)

This is an overview of a sales process we are currently testing automation for, more on automation here


Welcome To Common Sense Selling®!

  • If you want to establish an effective sales process that will help you outsell your competition and dominate your market…we can help.
  • If you’re looking for ways to sell relationships instead of products and services…you’ve come to the right place.
  • If you’d like your salespeople to close more business…on your terms…we can show them how.
  • If you want to weed out dead deals sooner…that’s our bread and butter.
  • If you’re looking for a fresh approach to training your salespeople…look no further.


Whetstone Group is a sales process improvement company that focuses on helping companies implement a proven sales process that will increase sales, shorten the selling cycle, increase closing rates, and improve margins. We focus on the face-to-face aspect of selling, how to build relationships, uncover problems, and supply the right solutions. We don’t teach tricky sales moves, as they have no place in today’s complex selling environment. Your sales professionals will feel good about themselves when using our Common Sense Selling® process.

Selling has changed, but most salespeople haven’t. Today’s buyer is looking for a seller who is a problem solver. Instead, they get product pushers.

Research shows that, unfortunately, nearly 90% of sales professionals have failed to understand the changes in the marketplace and are conducting business as if nothing has happened. They continue to employ obsolete selling tactics that were developed years ago for a low value transactional sale. In short, they continue to talk too much, fail to adequately uncover and understand the prospect’s business challenges, make premature presentations, and fail to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Then they wonder why they don’t get the business.

The secret is in HOW you sell, not WHAT you sell.



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