Questions about in-active alerts

If you request a new alert that is simple we will build it. Otherwise we post to our site and see how many of our other clients also want it.

To understand where some of these requests may be at go to our site at, login and select;
Output Status = Dev
Subscribed = Yes
Subscription Activated = No


Then you get a list of the alerts that you have asked to subscribe to that we still have not finished building.

If you change Output Status to Active (leave the rest the same) you should see that there are no alerts. In other words everything not activated is waiting on us to build. Otherwise there should be a message on each alert saying what we are waiting on. Email with questions.

If you are waiting on us to build something remember we build about 2 alerts per week and we start with the most subscribed ones. If you are waiting on an alert that has a status of Dev look to see the Subscription Ratio for that alert. This is the % of our clients who subscribed to this so we build the highest numbers 1st. You can click on the column heading to sort by Subscription Ratio.


Reset to clear your entries then choose Output Status = Dev but leave everything else at All and you can see a list of everything that is in Dev mode and where on the list the alert you care about is.


Change Output Status = Build and you will have a list of alerts that we have built and are in test mode awaiting feedback from our clients, this can sometimes be a slow process. Sort by subscription ratio and you will see that some easy ones we build without a lot of subscribers, we also build everything for our Juice+ clients.


Each time we email you on a new alert we will show the status.


Hope this explains the process better.

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