CEO Juice introduction

CEO Juice provides Automated Best Practices for Copier Dealers. We only work with copier dealers running eAutomate. We automate processes, provide reporting, share best practices and generally improve processes. We charge a monthly fee and guarantee a return on investment.

We are an independent company not part of ECi/DGI although we work closely with them and they resell our services.

Here are some links to learn more, we are always happy to have a phone call, (Gary 858.776.2646),.

30 minute overview on our most popular processes here.

CEO Juice return on investment 

List of alerts 

CEO Juice Pricing 

CEO Juice top 10 alerts 

Getting Started with CEO Juice 

CEO Juice : Net Promoter Score and measuring Customer Satisfaction

ID109 Closed Call Survey 15 minute video overview 

Difference between buying Digital Task Force (DTF) and CEO Juice 

Join our discussion group on LinkedIn 

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