CEO Juice Return On Investment ROI, overview

CEOJuice charge a flat monthly fee that starts at $250 per month click here for pricing. Our contract is month to month and we expect you to get a substantial return on that investment. We offer an option to cancel after 60 days since coming onboard, and get refunded any payments you have made. 

At any stage CEOJuice is happy to meet with you and your team, review your processes running, makes additional suggestions and review you ROI. Email if interested in this.

We have almost 900 different processes identified by an ID#, they are all included in the monthly fee 'all inclusive' program. Some have a more obvious ROI (return on investment), below are some examples.

Below are four areas where we have a major impact on a dealership.

Ensuring all contracts are set up and billing correctly, controlling data entry issue that cause inaccurate data, identifying and ensuring there is an action plan for your worst performing contracts, highlighting customers using excessive toner, etc. 
ID20 'fat fingered' overage rate
ID293 missing meter on contract
ID768 Top worst performing Contracts
ID758 Worst performing Contracts that have excessive toner usage
Technician Productivity
Ensuring they are where they are supposed to be, fixing calls correctly the 1st time with the right parts stock, tracking to see are they “fixing the customer” as well as the equipment, etc.
ID204 weekly technician productivity
ID72 tech carstock report flagging dead inventory
Pushing sales leads direct to sales person, advising of upgrade opportunities (volume doubled quarter over quarter, large overage bill, service call on a discontinued model etc.), ensuring lease end customers are contacted, etc.
ID258 QBR report
ID593 send a sales rep instead of a tech, on a call that is due to have equipment upgraded.
Managing inventory levels effectively can have a huge impact ob cash flow, technician effectiveness in the field, and ultimate customer satisfaction.
ID75 dead inventory report
ID500 managing stock levels and min/maxs based on clicks done in the field and MIF
Emailing past due invoices, emailing sales order status including tracking links, surveying after service calls, emailing when the tech is dispatched, etc.
ID181 keep customer updated on the status of their service call
ID109 follow up with customer after the service call is completed/resolved for feedback
ID200 email when a supply order ships and include UPS/Fedex tracking info
ID800 email customer when an invoice is past due, including a copy of the invoice attached.
Power BI
We have various Power BI reports/dashboards, where you can create Dashboards to view all your needed stats and data in one place, eliminating the need for auto emailed reports and transactions:
ID771 Contract & Customer Profitability Insights
ID517 Sales Order Insights
ID281 Customer Retention Insights
ID770 Financial Insights
ID28 Technician and Equipment Efficiency Insights
ID772 Inventory Insights
API Integrations
We have introduced various Integrations as part of our catalogue:
ID747 Connectwise Integration - synce between CW & equtomate
ID667 Pushing lease data into eAutomate from your leasing companies
ID968 Meters / DCAs
ID890 Service Call Syncs and ID664 ServiceNow
ID530/ID531 UPS/FedEx Sync,  ID34 OnShip and ID503 ShipStation
Providing Best Practices
We not only provide reporting out of eAutomate, but CEOJuice will:
1. Validate the data you are receiving if you have questions or don't understand the results.
2. Provide best practices, and what other dealers in the industry are doing to streamline processes in the same scenario.



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