Details on Free Remote Tech alerts

The two alerts below are included in the Remote Tech free process. We need a 30 minute online meeting with your IT guys to install our software and these alerts.

ID15 - Closed Calls Forced Meter from remote tech

One of the ongoing challenges with meter readings is having service call meters come into the meter tables and override a contract billing meter reading that has been obtained, which then upsets the customer as they expect you to use the meter reading they reported not the latest. So the best practice is to have all service call meters come in as Not Valid for Billing which ensures the customer reported vs. service call meters match.

ID15 triggers on all meter reads where the remarks includes the string 'force'. It fires daily and advises of all new 'forces' for the day.

ID219 - Closed Calls insanity check on responsetime, labor hours, travel time & mileage

95% of the new clients we take on have inaccurate data in contract profit reports, mostly due to things like a technician entering a milometer reading instead of miles. Then you have 97,000 miles showing as a cost on a contract. This alert is meant to catch where either users ignored the popup warnings for these values you setup in Tools/Options/ServiceCalls/Additional Options OR you do not have any values setup for the popup warnings. We will alert you if an invoiced call exceeds any of the numbers you input for the corresponding values above. This alert will ignore calls that have status "Scheduled" until they are closed, at which time it will then check the sanity numbers.

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