Balancing our workload

As you know we charge a set monthly fee and include all our services, we don't even offer to do something for a one time charge, it's an all you can eat plan. We do offer a Juice+ program for clients who want more hand holding, a faster response and customization.

The monthly rate we charged our 1st client is the same rate they pay today, we have not raised our price.

A challenge we face is if our clients can ask us unlimited questions and we respond quicker/better than their other vendors we can end up providing support that should be coming from other companies. We also see occasions where clients may ask for something which on reflection really wasn't needed.

We are focusing a lot of effort on building a Knowledge Base and providing links to relevant information to share best practices. This way we can hopefully automate getting answers to you.

Our team has grown from two to thirteen but we still can not answer all the requests that come in.

We believe we have 3 choices;

  1. Raise our rates
  2. Ask clients to prioritize their requests and just work on the high priority explaining that we may never get to the low priority
  3. Don't respond to initial requests and apply the logic that if it's important you will chase us

Yes we can hire more people but that would mean increasing our rates and we don't want to do that. We feel that rather than raising our rates we have the Juice+ option for those clients who want to pay more.

We don't like the idea of not responding, it goes against core beliefs, however it's what happens by default when we get too busy.

Our plan is to go with option 2, which is why you are seeing emails asking you to prioritize a request. However we are open to suggestions so please post your comments below or email 

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