ECIs Analytic Tables - What are they & How to Install?

*Note as of December 2018 CEO Juice no longer requires these for our alerts*

What are they - Analytic tables are additional tables that ECI released to help with Contract Analysis. Contracts may bill annually in advance, or quarterly in arrears and not have revenue in every month. This can cause confusion when looking at contract profitability for the last quarter for example, analytics "flatten out" the data and puts revenue in every day.

See more detailed information on analytics here

For some of our alerts you will require ECI's Analytic Tables package to be installed, i.e ID315 Excessive Toner and ID768 Contract Profitability.

Note we do not require the ‘Pro’ version, only the 'free' version is required for our alerts.(*as of 2017 ECI no longer sells the PRO version.)

Install Details - We suggest that clients install the tables on the “Juicebox”, the server where our software is installed. You can download the install package directly from ECI's website, below are links that provides the install package, along with a walkthrough showing you exactly how to install.

Analytics install process requires considerable 'elbow room' to operate effectively. We recommend that you have free space on the server, equal to two-and-a-half times the total size of your current production DB. A new analytics DB will be created on the server. The remainder of the required space will be recovered when install is complete.

V2 Analytics for EA 8.0 -

V2 Analytics for EA 8.1 -

V2 Analytics for EA 8.5 -

V2 Analytics for EA 8.7 - 

V2 Analytics for EA 16.1.1 -

V2 Analytics for EA 16.1.5 -

V2 Analytics for EA 17.1 - 

 If you are upgrading from an older analytics version, you may want to take notes of any custom eviews that you have created.

Please email once you have installed the tables.

Want CEOJuice to Install? - Alternatively if you would like us to install these tables for you, we can do this but will require some rights/permissions. We’re asking for SysAdmin role for our SQL Server user (‘ceojuice’, usually) and the eadmin password. We will probably also need to create a domain SQL User if one does not already exist, we can do that with the SysAdmin permissions provided.

To request this option send email to

Note Analytics is currently a very unstable product, if supported by our client and ECi we see it failing at over 50% of clients. When we support it we can keep that rate at about 10% and generally fix it before you notice it’s not working and before reports are affected. We have many key reports that depend on these tables including our contract profit reports and excessive toner reports.



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