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Gary Lavin

Co Founder

Born and raised in Ireland Gary started selling copiers for Xerox in 1983, moving to the US (San Diego) in 1993 where he founded Color Systems (, a dealership focused on the color copier market place with a separate division called Internetworking Innovations focused on IT Services. He grew it from zero to $10m revenue in 5 years, added locations in LA and the Bay Area before selling it in '99. In 2003 he started Imaging Technologies (, focused on CPC contracts including copiers and printers bundled together. Grew this business to $6m in just over 4 years before selling it to KMA in 2008.

Gary invested in eAutomate back when it was known as Cash Ops, installing version 1 and became an avid fan of Digital Task Force (DTF) shortly after it was launched (by Mike). Passionate about using technology to solve problems and understanding the need for process in a successful business Gary connected with Mike Kirkpatrick at the eAutomate User Group where they discussed the potential DTF had and the challenges in implementing it.  They formed CEO Juice together in 2009 to overcome those challenges.

Married to Lisa since '92, they have 2 kids, Cian ('96) and Molly ('99). Gary's core beliefs are Family, Friends, Adventures and Health. He took a year off in '88 to sail around the world, has a private pilot's license, keeps a Ducati Monster outside his back door and gets at least an hour of Yoga each day.

Happy to chat on sales or CRM related issues or just general business problems.

Cell 858-776-2646 (anytime)


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