DO NOT USE, NO LONGER RELEVANT: ID757 instructions - SBA GL Account Mapping Report

This is an overview on how to run the report, see here for how to map the data.

Look for a report called 

CEO Juice SBA GL Account Mapping Report

in your custom reports folder. See this post if you can't find it.


This is the same format for SDG/CDA/BPCA

This provides an output of the GL results mapped to the Model format. The report has three run options besides the choice of Period ranges; 


The Mis-Allocated section is for when the mapped amounts don’t match the total GL amounts because of an allocation distribution. The report user must then go back into the mappings for those accounts to investigate the cause.

The sum of the mapped + Un-mapped + Mis-allocated = the actual income statement.

The report also has an option to include the copy of the mapping table at the end of the report:


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