CEO Juice access to your server

The CEO Juice model is based on Juice installing alerting software on a server in your office, you decide how much access we get to that server.

At a minimum we start with a GoToMeeting where we install the software with the help of your IT person. Then every time we need to install additional processes we connect again via a GoToMeeting.

Beta Alerts

There is lots of connecting and tweaking needed with beta testing a new alert so we only beta test where we have 24X7 access.

Alerts not running

Alerts constantly fail, we have systems in place to notify us and two full time people responding to those notifications. Some of our alerts can be business critical where waiting for your team to spot that they are not running is too long. Setting up meetings delays this even further.

Validating Output

80% of what we do for clients is validating data. We feel it's no use telling you about a contract you are losing money on, or some customer using excessive toner if you are not 100% confident in the data. Reporting is the easy piece, ensuring the information we give you is accurate is where we earn our fee. 

To do this well we need access to your system to be able to login and check.

If we can connect at any time then we can respond to you quickly. With clients that require a GoToMeeting we often see a week or two delay on a response that should have taken minutes, either our client's IT person was busy or our support person had moved on to another project.

See this LinkedIn discussion on weighing the Pros and Cons.

95% of our clients give us LogMeIn 24/7 access to their system. We provide a contract that was designed by the BTA attorney to ensure client's data was secure. In addition we like to stress that we only work with copier dealers that run eAutomate, a very small, tight group. One mistake (even accidental) and we could be out of business, we are very aware of this. We are also happy to provide a list of existing clients. Additionally all Juice personnel sign a non disclosure contract.

Our alerts "break" fairly often and we have to login to fix, we also do a lot of preventative maintenance to stop them breaking, we can't do PMs with access.

In addition you might start us out at a GoToMeeting level and gradually move us to a 24/7 LogMeIn as your comfort level improves. You may also choose something like:

We only connect during certain hours.

We email and you launch LogMeIn.

We notify you every time before we connect.

We will work with whatever you determine.

email with questions.

As of  July 2015, 7.14% of clients (17) require us to connect via GoToMeet, we have 8 clients who have been working with us over a year and still requires GoToMeet.

A couple of clients will ask us to connect via RDC or other but we really try to avoid that as these connections may not work from all platforms (Macs etc.). 

The chart below shows the number of clients using GoToMeetings. Updated August 2016


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