SBA Model Mapping Update 3/5/14

This is an update from CEO Juice on the Model Mapping process.


When we 1st approached this last year our thought was to just build a tool to allow companies to map their chart of accounts to the model. Even that process was not as simple as expected as almost every new company came up a new set of conditions we had not planned on that required us to rebuild our mapping tool. That tool is back for yet another rebuild today as we found our 1st company using branches and not departments.


Once we got a reasonable number of companies mapped we quickly determined that no one had a solid way to look at Machines in Field break down. In particular where companies were blending MFPs and MPS on the same contract there was no way to tell what the breakdown should be. Hard to certify the numbers if we can’t tell MPS revenue from MFP. We got together with BEI and Pros Elite and we came up with a standard to identify MIF, see that discussion here. We then built a tool that could update everyone’s Model Categories to this new Standard. This took a lot of time and effort getting agreement and then building the tool. It’s also taking a lot of effort explaining why dealers should use our model categories.


Finally we looked at employees and how they were allocated and we again went out a built a mapping tool, this is a relatively simple exercise and will take dealers an hour or 2.


With all these pieces in place we are able to report all the information needed for the Survey other than compensation. We are still finalizing the last report but it will essentially spit out the numbers and tell you what cell in Excel to plug them in to.


So this has turned in to the biggest project we have taken on and although we are close we are not done yet and I am sure we have more surprises in store for us.


We were brought in to this as dealers were concerned that not everyone was reporting data the same way and that while many of the numbers might be valid no one was confident. We have absolutely determined that this is a valid concern. The deadline for submitting the survey numbers is next Friday and there is still a lot of work to do, I have asked Josh about pushing that deadline back a week and he is considering that request.


The Model numbers should not be something that you just report once a year, they should be looked at monthly and drive actions. So my advice is not to say “looks like we missed this year, let’s wait for next year” but to complete the process now and start reviewing these numbers on a monthly basis. When we feel we have room to breathe again we will start to look at expanding further on processes.


So apologies if it feels we are dragging our heels on this, we’re not. It’s just a much bigger project than expected, but it is close to complete.



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