ID757 - SBA Model Mapping - Employee Tab

To complete the employee mapping section please follow these steps


On the settings tab, please fill in this information.



On the Financial Mapping Tab, please go to add ins and choose upgrade CEO Juice Table, we needed to upgrade this to include branches.



If you have previously done the financial on a separate spreadsheet It is very important you do not choose to Update CEO Juice DB as you will lose your financial mapping previously done, a warning will pop up if you choose it by accident.

If you financial mapping is in the same spreadsheet you will not lose any information.


Complete the Employee Mapping Section.


First choose insert and update first, then export from eautomate.  This will bring your employees names over into the employee lookup data tab.




You will be able to pick your employees and their title from the drop down menus, their classification will populate by clicking the find classification by title button above that column.

Everyone has  decimal of allocation to title, 1 if they have only 1 title for the period, decimal if they are filling more than one role over the same periods.


SalesRep = 1 only if they are a rep & ServiceTech = 1 only if they are a service tech.  Those are independent of each other and have nothing to do with the title or allocation.


Please notice the start and end dates are by calendar period.

If an employee changed positions in the middle of the year, for example was a tech for half the year then a service manager for the second half of the year, he will need to be entered twice, with the first entry of when he was a tech given a termination period.


Choose validate, and then insert and update again


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