Troubleshooting v2 Analytics configuration - Analytics Troubleshooting Level 2

      This walkthrough deals with finding and correcting issues with the configuration of the service the is responsible for updating the analytics tables. All the service really does is wait until the scheduled time of day and fire the executable (da_dataprocess.exe) while passing a string of parameters to it. If these parameters are not set correctly in the config file the executable will not fire properly. This is most often an issue immediately following install or re-install but if you change the e-auto login or password used you can see problems at any time. 

      Begin by locating the file directory for analytics, probably found at C:\Program Files (x86) \Digital Gateway\da (as shown below)  Newer versions are found at c:Program Files (x86)\ECI\Digital Analytics. These are the default locations, but you may have to search by filenames to locate it if placed in a non-standard location.  Once you find the proper directory look for the CONFIG file named da_DataProcessService.exe. Note that you are not looking for an executable file, you are looking for a CONFIG file with the text '.exe' at the end of the name, as shown.


Open the CONFIG file by right-clicking and opening with Notepad. If you don't see Notepad as an option you may have to go digging for it. When the file opens it will look something like this:


Look for the line which begins '<add key>...' (circled above) and scroll to the right until you see the portion of the line which reads '... CmdLine='. Immediately to the right of this you will find the six parameters we're concerned with, as shown below. These are the six items you will need to confirm are correct. Details on that below, we'll take each one in turn.




Items 1, 2 and 3 can all be checked against any working installation of the e-automate client. Start it up (close out first if you have it open already), but instead of entering your password click the pencil-edit button on the login screen.




On the following screen, double-click the name of the profile for your connection into the live e-automate database (if you see more than one, cancel out and refer to the previous screen to see what your client is set to when you connect to your live DB).



This brings you to a third screen, which you will be comparing to the CONFIG file above. Circle(1) is the DG Server and corresponds to the Circle(1) in the screenshot of the CONFIG file above. Circle(2) is the SQL Server and corresponds to Circle(2) above.These should match exactly, except that you don't need to trailing ':1331' as shown in the DGServer entry immediately below. Compare the below to the CONFIG screenshot above to see exactly how they should match.



Now click [NEXT] and move to the next screen. Here you will see the info which should match Circle(3) in the CONFIG screenshot above, except that in the CONFIG file the two letters 'co' should be added just before the text seen in the screenshot below. Again, compare the above CONFIG screenshot to this one to see exactly what that looks like.



Circle(4) and Circle(5) need to be valid credentials for logging into e-automate. The user needs to have admin credentials into eautomate. We suggest you take a moment now and test the login by copying/pasting into e-auto and confirming that they work and contain no typos.


Circle (6) indicates the time of day the analytics tables will be updated, we typically recommend setting this for 2:00 am. A standard update takes from five to fifteen minutes to complete. An initial build of the tables can take as many as three hours to complete. Please confirm you have no scheduled maintenance (backups, etc) or heavy data entry (automated data pushes from Printfleet or FMAudit, for instance) scheduled in this window.


IF YOU HAVE MADE ANY CHANGES to any of the data in the config file, you will need to save those changes and restart the da_DataProcessService (the service only reads from the CONFIG upon initialization, it does not 'read live' every time it fires). If you found no issues with the CONFIG file please contact us at so we can help you dig deeper into the problem.



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