Notes for mapping to the model ID900 Process

The COG for Expense Sales are typically the accounts/depts. for rep compensation, mgr compenstation, advertising, delivery expenses, rep training, rep recruitment.

For Expense Service they are accounts/depts for tech compensation, tech training, parts cost, automobile expenses for service dept.

It’s the ‘Buckets’ that are the level1 rollups..and expense sales and expense service mapping is where they MODEL wants traditional expense GL items (after gross income)…moved up into the COGS so that they affect the ‘Gross Income’….

In the example you sent…they would all appear to go to the ‘Equipment’ bucket (or managed services for the MNS dept)…. Those are true COGS…depending on how the clients chart of accounts are structured and where they put their expense items but in a normal Chart of Accounts, the Expense Sales or Expense Service items would all be down in the Expense section of eautomate…and typically that’s the next 1000 set of numbers (rev might be 4000’s, COGS might be 5000’s, Expenses then would be 6000’s)…so SOME 6000 level accounts would be put into the Expense Service or Expense Sales buckets in this example.

Ok, so revenue and COGS can go into the same bucket.  As soon as I think I have this down pat I start questioning myself again

yes...we have Equip revenue...and Equip COGS. we use the KPIType to control if the Model Account is a Revenue or COG or Expense havn't seen that but that's where we create the model accounts.  the KPIType controls which section the buckets fall under.

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