ID900 instructions for running the report

Like the mapping application ID900 is a SQL Reporting services report and will be available in a folder at a web address.

Click here for instructions on launching the report.

You must have eAutomate security rights to be able to view GLReports in eAuto.


All our SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) reports will be located in this folder, look for ID900.



1. Note when selecting the date range that our report runs by period but we show the date as Month - Year so it's easier to understand. Please also note each time you access the report it will be set with dates where you left off last time you ran the report. So...

A-if you find discrepancies go back to mapping to fix and update again


B-if it has been some period of time you still must go back to mapping and review for any new account AND update the mapping to get newest info brought in.  


2. You have the option to see Detail by Bucket or by Account. Bucket is matching the allocation below.  When you choose to view the report by Account you have the option to drill down on your numbers to see exactly what is mapped where.



3. The Model TARGET% for GP, OP, etc does not include anything for the ManagedIT 'DIVISION'. If you are truly wanting to see how your % stack up to the model targets, then you will need to run the report only for the 'Imaging' division:




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