List of "Get Started" alerts

We fail when we overload people with information to the point that we effectively are "spamming" them and they do nothing with the information. However we have found that the amount of information varies drastically from company to company. We have lots of clients where we have only turned on a handful of alerts in the 1st 90 days, others where we have turned on over 100. We will always suggest additional alerts but rely on our clients to tell us when they are getting too much.

We do a data test for all new clients and we may suggest different alerts based on the results of that test. We also have a slightly different set of alerts for companies who have just converted to eAutomate, details here.

Below is a list of the alerts we typically turn on at our 1st meeting, see here for how to subscribe. 

ID23 ensuring supplies are linked to contracts

ID219 stopping data entry issues on closed service calls

Both needed for accurate contract profit reports

ID66 call that should be billed at no charge

ID203 contracts that should have billed

ID768 list of bottom worst performing contracts without action plan

ID34 shows tech activity for the week, from this report we look at what additional alerts are needed, first call effectiveness low, incompletes low, hours per day worked low etc.

ID235 tech profitability

ID72 stale inventory

ID593 for the sales team, ID799 for the tech

ID315 customers using excessive toner and ID90 parts eligible for a warranty refund both require that your items are set up correctly, we help with this

ID109 closed call survey, by far our most popular process, don't worry about not having emails as ID87 covers that

See this post on deciding on additional alerts to turn on.

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