ID161 - Install Lucee TomCat Software Overview & Sample:

For our web apps like ID917/Big Screen Service Stats, ID350 Supply Entry Check, ID667 Update Equipment Leases and ID295/Model Category Mapping App, we need to install the Lucee Tomcat web server if this is the first web app we deploy. Details on the specific software we use are at

The Lucee Tomcat web server (Apache Tomcat) installs on the ceojuice server and is just a simple web server we use to serve up some of our apps on port 8888 and it should not interfere with any existing IIS set up, since IIS applications usually run on port 80 and 443. This web server takes virtually 0% of CPU usage and we cap it at 192MB of memory usage.

We need approval from your IT before installing this please.

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