Will you build any new alert we need?

We offer three programs, Survey Only, Regular Juice and Juice+.

Our business model is based on leveraging our development time across many clients, not limited to one. Therefore we do not build alerts that are so specific to a client that no other client would use them.

When any client requests a simple change to an alert (within reason) we can sometimes accommodate these minor requests. However if it's a more complicated change, that would impact other clients from using the process we are not able to accommodate these.

The Survey Only program, limited to one survey process and we allow for changes to survey questions and the email message to your customer.

When a Regular Juice client requests a simple alert tweak, we try and accommodate. If it's more complicated but feel there could be interest from other clients, we show it on our site as In Development and see how many clients subscribe to it. We build the alert with the most subscribers 1st, if there is no traction/interest from other clients, we do not build it.

Juice+ clients are given a lot more leeway with their requests, if they request for an easy alert to be built for them, we will build it, regardless of client interest. However it does need to fit our business model, that the alert could be used by our other clients. If they request more difficult alert builds, depending on the number of hours of work it may be built. Note the development team makes these determinations for each request.

There is no additional cost to tweak an alert or create new alerts, outside of your monthly fee.


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