Will you build any new alert we need?

We offer three programs, Survey Only, Juice and Juice+.


When any client requests a simple change to an alert we do it within a day or two. If it's a complicated change that will impact other clients using this process we will generally create a new alert.


Our model is based on leveraging our development time across many clients. Therefore we do not build alerts that are so specific to a client that no other clients would use them.


Our Survey Only program allows for changes to survey questions and the email message to your customer only.

When a Juice client requests an alert that is easy then we build it, if it's more complicated we show it on our site as "In Development" and see how many clients subscribe to it. 4 or more and we build it, 3 or less then after 1 month we flag it as No Traction and it goes to the very end of the list. We build the alert with the most subscribers 1st and typically have less than 5 alerts in development with more than 5 subscribers.


We respond to Juice+ clients 1st and their requests do not have to have 4 or more subscribers. However they do need to fit the model of an alert that other clients would use.

We typically will turn new alert requests around in 2 days to two weeks, however the complexity of the alert will impact this. We have process that took 2 hours to build and processes that take many hundreds of hours.

There is no additional cost to tweak/create new alerts.


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