What is the difference between Digital Task Force (DTF) and CEO Juice?

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DTF is a software product made by also known as Knowledgesync.

It comes in several versions, basic does alerts only, most people will also want to email PDFs etc so you need the reports version. You have to purchase additional licenses for other databases such as your sales CRM or your meter collection database. The full unlimited version is $8,200. DGI typically will not sell the alerts only version as they realize people need to email PDFs. Therefore the starting package is priced;

License purchase (one-time) - $3,495, Maintenance - $695 Implementation (one –time) $595  Total $4,785

When we surveyed the e-Automate users we found that 70% of clients had less than 10 alerts running and a large percentage had not been able to get any running.

The software itself is quite easy to use, understanding e-Automate's table structures takes years.


When you sign up for CEO Juice we install software similar to DTF, we install the unlimited $8,500 version. However our clients never see this software, they simply say I want a process to fix this problem and we turn it on, tweak it, validate the data and ensure it is fixing the problem.

We charge a monthly fee on a month to month contract and have a library of 600+ alerts/processes that we constantly tweak.

80% of what we do is validate data and discuss best practice (more). 20% is building the alert and getting it going. Our clients will say this data does not look right, we log in, research and explain.

The average CEO Juice client has 50+ alerts running.


If you have experienced programming staff and want process that are very different to a standard dealer then DTF is the way to go. If you are not a copier dealer DTF may be the way to go.

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