What are DGI's Digital Analytic tables?

Analytic tables are additional tables that DGI released to help with Contract Analysis (although they are expanding). Contracts may bill annually in advance, or quarterly in arrears and not have revenue in every month. This can cause confusion when looking at contract profitability for the last quarter for example, if all the revenue billed annually in advance 9 month ago then your contract (which may be profitable) will show a loss for the last quarter.

Analytic tables effectively "flatten out" the data and put revenue in every day so that the contract above would have an accurate profit report. The tables includes bunch of very useful eViews that make contract analysis a breeze. These tables are available free from DGI but must be requested. There is also a Pro Version at an additional cost.

CEO Juice use the Analytic tables for many contract based reports.

Details on installing here.

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