Why don't I have the latest alert version? (not autodeploy)

We have a number of our alerts that are “AutoDeploy”, meaning you subscribe and our system pushes them out, anytime we update them you get an auto update. We’ve got about half the popular alerts working this way but a bunch need a manual install, sometimes a manual install can just be 15 minutes, sometimes an hour or 2 depending on an alert. If we have 160 companies running an alert that has a 1 hour install then that’s 4 weeks work for one person and if we then make a tweak to that alert 2 months later then another 4 weeks. Our average client has about 50 alerts so if half are manual you would quickly find that we would spend the entire fee we charge you paying people to just update alerts.
We’re working on ways to be able to AutoDeploy all alerts, it’s a top priority but progressing slowly.
But we will always immediately update you to the latest if there is a problem or if you ask.
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