Re-scheduling Calls

     Any time a tech leaves a call for any reason (even for a lunch break), the call should be marked Incomplete in e-automate. This will automatically create a second, re-scheduled call linked to the first. If multiple visits are required, each old call should be marked Incomplete and a new one opened. All of our reports assume this process is being followed, as do all of DGI's stock reports inside e-automate, and BEI reports if you subscribe to that service. It's basically an industry standard. If you are not re-scheduling separate visits to the customer you are making it impossible to track first-call-fix-rate and generating skewed data for tracking response time, among other things. Re-scheduling itself is an important metric that should be tracked, as it is a measure of efficiency and customer service. Every service department should be striving to get as close to 100% 1st call fixes as possible.


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