ID221 - Updating Employee Record

It is important to have an employee record set up for each eAutomate user, and each record be linked to a login user ID AND also have a valid email address in their record. To “link” all your “Login users” to the appropriate matching employee file as below. eAutomate stamps all records creator / modify with the “login user”, so we have to look up the login userid in the employee file to get an email address. 



ID221 will  notify you of e-automate users who's login ids are not linked to employee records in eautomate. This linking is necessary for any of our alerts to be sent to TOCREATOR (the creator of the transaction). The database stores the userid who created/modified a transaction and we have to take that userid and do a crosslookup to the employee file to find the email address for the creator. So all your eAutomate users must be linked to a corresponding employee record in e-automate. This will also tell you about users with no email address.

Variables include:

VarX - List any users you want to exclude (separated by comma), otherwise will consider all except RT and CEOJuice

VarY  - BranchNumbers for alert to trigger on (leave blank for ALL)



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