ID164 - Callbacks by Clicks Setup and Best Practices

When you convert to EA 8.1 and above you will no longer need ID164 to override the call backs by clicks function that wasn't available in earlier versions. (NOTE: THIS FUNCTIONALITY IS AVAILABLE IN 8.0 or early versions of 8.1 BUT IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY. IT IS FIXED IN 8.1/SP2 AND HIGHER VERSIONS). There are 4 different ways to setup the call backs by clicks. You can choose to have the same setting company wide (all equipment in your database to be on the same parameters). Or you can set it on a per equipment basis (each piece of equipment has their own unique settings). Or you can set it up based on the Model of equipment (each Model has unique settings). Or you can set this at the segment level of the equipment within the Model record (each Model within a certain PPM has the same setting).

If you would like to set your call backs by clicks as a basic setting company wide for all models, segments and equipment then go to Tools/Options/Service Calls/Dispatch Console.

Here you can set how many copies need to be made before the call is not considered a call back, regardless of how many day in between calls it has been. You can also set how many copies need to be made before a call can be considered a call alert, regardless of how many days in between calls. This section is a company wide setting. Meaning all equipment and models are treated with these same attributes no matter their segment, model or equipment in question. On the Company wide option you can choose certain models to use the Company wide settings for call backs/call alerts by clicks. Make sure, for the models you want to use the company wide option for, that you check the box on the model record, to Use System Call Backs and Call Alert Parameters.

If you would like to use call back and call alerts by clicks at the Model level, then you would set this on the details tab of each model that you want to use this option. Make sure to uncheck the Use System Call Back and Call Alerts Parameters box.

Here you can set the call backs and call alerts by clicks for each different model. You can also choose to categorize your models by segments. (See #1 above). This allows you to categorize your models by segments based on their PPM. If a model falls within a certain range of PPM then they have certain parameters for their call backs by clicks and call alerts by clicks. See this post for guidelines on these settings by segment.

If you would like to set the call backs by clicks at the equipment level then on each equipment record, go to the Sales/Service tab on the equipment record.

Make sure to uncheck the box that says Use Model Call Back and Call Alert Parameters. This overrides the settings on the model record for that piece of equipment.

Here you can setup specific call backs by clicks and call back alerts by clicks per equipment record. This allows you to have specific settings per piece of equipment. A lot of companies use this method on certain pieces of equipment that don't fall in the standard Company wide or Model specific settings. i.e. Customers that use lower volume or higher volume than most customers with that same model.

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