How to link a vendor invoice to a contract or sales invoice

Do you have contract customers that are serviced by another dealer? If so, you want to make sure you have accurate profitability on those contracts. The way to do this is by linking the vendor invoices (or credit memos) the servicing dealer sends you directly to the customer contract number. When creating the vendor invoice in eAuto you can pick the customer, contract and equipment you want to apply it to.

When you click the add button, on the right side is a place where you can designate the customer, contract and equipment to apply to this invoice. Generally starting by inputting the serial # is the easiest way because it will automatically populate the customer field with the customer that is attached to the equipment. Then use the drop down list under contract to also apply the contract to the invoice. You can also designate which coverage period you want the charges to be applied in by putting a check mark in the coverage period box and designating the dates you want the charges to hit in. If there is multiple pieces of equipment on the contract and you want to spread the charges across the equipment the put a check mark in the box that says distribute to multiple equipment on the contract. If you are using the multiple equipment method, when you click ok on this screen a window will pop up that shows the amount to be applied and shows the option of distributing evenly across the selected equipment or to distribute the amount based on the contract equipment base rates. You have to be using equipment base rates on the contract you are selecting in order to use this option. You will also see a select equipment button. Click this button and you will see all the equipment on this specific contract. You can choose which equipment you want to apply these charges to by either removing or leaving the check mark in the box next to it. This will associate the charges from this vendor invoice to the contract and show in your profitability reports. See screen shots below.Linking_contracts_to_invoices_screen_shots.jpg

You can also associate a sales invoice to a vendor invoice. For example, you had another dealer install a piece of equipment for you and you want the install charges from the other dealer to be associated with the sales invoice of the equipment. Just type in the invoice # where it says customer invoice and this applies the charges from the other dealer to the sale of the machine.

See this post for instructions on importing vendor invoices into EA using the APInvoiceImport utility spreadsheet.

See this post for instructions on setting up a serviceable item contract.



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