Best Practices to avoid duplicate models in EA

When you are creating models in EA you should develop a standard as to how they should be input to avoid duplicate models. This also helps keep your model list within a manageable and accurate amount. For example, one person may input a Canon ImageRunner Advanced C2225 as a IR-C2225. Another person may input it as IRC2225. Then another person may input it as C2225. Try to create a consensus as to how models will be input before they are. It not only helps to avoid duplicates but this can also affect your reports. If you want a true model profitability report on a IR-C2225 then the models need to be consistent. Otherwise, you are having to run 3 separate reports for IR-C2225, IRC2225 & C2225 and manually do the calculations to get accurate data. Consistency is the key. Also it is best to deactivate models when they are no longer in use or when you have noticed a duplicate and addressed the problem. This will avoid confusion when someone is associating a model to a piece of equipment in the future.


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