Using the Inventory Refurbishment Module vs. Service Calls

Some companies use Service Calls to document a technicians time and items used to refurbish equipment. Problem is that when a technician uses an item on a Service Call it defaults to the technician's warehouse to pull the item from. If you don't remember to change that then it can result in inaccurate inventory. Also documenting refurbishments through a service call does not add the cost of the items or labor directly to the equipment being refurbished in inventory. Using the Inventory Refurbishment module will do this for you. To use the Inventory Refurbishment module in EA, you must first set your Pre-Assembly and Post-Assembly warehouse. This can be set to your main warehouse if you use the parts from your main warehouse to refurbish equipments and keep the refurbished equipment in your main warehouse once the work is complete. Go to Tools\Options\Company\Edit Company Settings and then the Miscellaneous tab. This is where you setup the Pre-Assembly and Pos-Assembly Warehouses.

The warehouse/s that you select for the above, also set in the 'Advanced Tab', under Production, the Pre-assembly and Post-assembly warehouses.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 5.10.18 PM.png

If you have not done so already, you will need to enable access to the Production setup in Tools / Options / Inventory / Production, and ensure these four fields are updated.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 4.58.56 PM.png


Once the above is done you can start using the Inventory Refurbishment module in EA. Go to Inventory\Production\Refurbish Inventory. In the Item # field, input the Item # of the piece of equipment that you refurbished. Also select the Serial # of the piece of equipment that was refurbished in the drop down list. Then start adding the items that were used to refurbish the equipment in the items field.

This will not only remove the items used from inventory but also add the cost of those items to the equipments cost. Notice that it is pulling the items from the warehouse you set as a Pre-Assembly warehouse.

Now go to the labor tab and pick the technician that did the refurbishment and input the amount of hours that he used to refurbish the equipment. This adds the technicians burden rate times the hours he worked on the machine to the cost of the equipment in inventory.

Although this records how long the technician worked on that equipment, it does not record a time entry for the technician to account for his hours. To record this, you need to go to People\Time Card and select the technician that did the refurbishment. Then record his hours on the refurbishment and give it an Activity Code that can be used to record time entries for refurbishments. Make sure to mark this Activity Code Category as a Paid time entry.

You can also set the Department to Sales on the labor entry so that the cost of the technicians time is charged to the Sales Department.

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