ID35 & ID47 Process for Maintaining Service Coverage until Contract Set Up, Overview & Sample

Process for New Contracts (use ID35 and ID47 to manage this process)

This is a suggested best practice on how new service contracts should be set up:

A typical problem we see is the customer places a supply order before the contract is set up and you upset a brand new customer by charging them for toner. The flip problem is you set a non chargeable code but forget to set it back.

To avoid these errors, the process is as follows:

  1. Upon placement of the equipment, edit equipment record to change bill code to “install” or “demo”  - these two billcodes should be set up to have everything covered (supplies, parts & labor) so newly placed machine doesn’t bill for service or supplies




  1. When you fulfill/bill sales order, be sure to change the status to “Sold”. (The alert will only notify of equipment sold on a Sales Order.) This should be done by right clicking on equipment record as shown here:




AND then change status to “sold” as shown here:



With this best practice, be sure to subscribe to alerts ID35 and ID47 to manage the process. This also allows you to use ID100 - New Call opened for equipment that has a status of Demo (VariableW), giving the tech and sales a heads up that this demo equipment just had a service call.



ID35 Description: A way to ensure new equipment delivered to a customer receives the appropriate service & supplies until the contract is setup.

ID35 Set Up:

VariableW = Install Bill Code Description (not Bill Code) on equipment  contains this string, otherwise blank

VariableY = Bill Codes (not Descriptions) you want to trigger on, separated by comma, otherwise blank

VariableX = Days Past Install Date

ID35 Example:




ID47 Description: This alert checks for VariableW bill codes AND is now on an active contract and has VariableX number of days since the Install Date on the equipment record. Note that VariableW is where you enter a string which is contained in the Description of the BillCode you wish to trigger (for instance 'Warranty Install' and 'Warranty Replacement' both contain the string 'Warranty')


ID47 Set Up:

VariableW = Install Billcode String Starts With

VariableY = Specific Bill Codes to trigger on, separated by comma

VariableX = Branch Number(s) for alert to trigger on (leave blank for ALL)

ID47 Example:


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