eAgent and Credit Hold Status

"Excerpt from DGI steps documentation on the Credit Hold task within E-Agent"
e-Agent is a program that ships with e-automate and is included in your e-automate purchase. e-Agent is a tool that can be configured to send you e-mail notifications when certain tasks or activities occur in your e-automate database. One of these tasks is the Customer Hold Status task. You can configure the task to run daily, weekly, etc. You can configure e-Agent to place a customer on hold when the customer is a specified number of days past due on invoices, or is at a defined percentage of the customer’s credit limit. You can also configure the Customer Hold Status to release customers from hold when they come back into compliance with your defined parameters.

After the Customer Hold Status task is completed, e-Agent sends an email to identify which customers were placed on hold and which customers were released from hold. If you choose to not allow e-Agent to place and remove a particular customer from hold, you can exempt a customer from the task. You exempt a customer from the e-Agent task by unchecking the Allow e-Agent to place or release from on hold checkbox on the Account tab in the customer profile. e-Agent only places and removes the on hold status, Credit Hold. If you have placed customers on hold using another code, e-Agent will not remove or place hold.

Client additional questions

E-Agent only looks for positive invoices over the number of days set on the E-Agent task -

RE: for example, if there are offsetting items older than 90 days, (that net to zero), will eAgent put them on hold?

ANSWER: It will put the customer on hold if they have a $400 invoice that is 90 days old even if there is a $400 credit that is 10 days old that makes the account balance equal zero. (Should make someone look to apply the credit or decide that they don't offset and attempt to collect the $400 past due.)

RE: if the customer has a “past due” credit balance, will E-Agent put them on hold?

ANSWER: it won't put any account on hold if only credits are over the number of days threshold.

RE: if we have customers that are permanent hold and we don't want them released?

ANSWER: Create a new On Hold code for customers such as PCH Permanent Credit Hold - or COD - use that hold code for customers that you always want to leave on hold - This also let's your staff see the code in places so they know not to release items without getting payments.

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