eAgent - How to Setup eAgent to Update Minimum Stock Levels (Jon Balter write up)

  1. Open e-agent
  2. Create a new task “ Update Minimum Stocking Levels”
  3. Name the task “Update Minimum Stocking Levels – Supplies” This way if you later create more updates for other locations, you know which one is for supplies
  4. Here are basic settings

Suggested settings (remember you can change these settings):


  1. Days on Hand: this is the number of days before you have to order again. 20 is a great start.
  2. Days in Period: This is the number of days it is going to look for usage in.  30 is good but 90 may be better if you want a bigger sample.  Remember this is work days. So this is 6 weeks.
  3. Days in workweek: this is typically Monday to Friday and should always be 5.
  4. Don't stock if the items usage is; Less than or equal to: We suggest 3, If you have not used at least 3 in 30 working days then special order it. And cost is greater than: We suggest $0.00 here.  This is really for parts that have a high cost.
  5. Create new item warehouse restock levels: ALWAYS have on.  This is when you get a new item or just start this process.  If you do not have this checked and the item does not have any restock today, it never will.
  6. Set maximum stock level percent value higher than the minimum by: Never want to order more that 25% additional stock.  So usage for 20 days plus 25%
  7. Minimum increase quantity :  is set to Zero.  This is if you want to increase no less than 4.
  8. Maximum increase quantity:   At first while running in test you may want to set this to something like 2000.  You may have a supply that you ship 400 a month or more.  If it is set to 5 like the example, it will only increase by the 5 this run and 5 the next. You can change this to a small number like 5 or 10 later once it's running live if you want to make sure that no one makes a mistake and increases a stock of 1 to 2000 on the next order.  And a technician likely won't be stocking more than 5 or 10 of any one item anyway.
  9. Warehouse to Update: this is the warehouse that will be restocked.  This should be your supply warehouse.  If you have more than one, we suggest multiple eAgent tasks.
  10. All the other items are to filter for usage.  If you do all supplies out of the same warehouse, then just filter by warehouse.  You could use Service codes or sales codes for selecting items.


  1. Look at the report.  If it looks good, run in normal mode.
  2. Setup a schedule so it updates every month.
  3. Your Report should look like below, YOU ONLY GET THIS REPORT IN 8.0


 E-automate breaks down usage to daily and then multiples by the number of days on hand.

So the usage of (1st part above) 5211 daily is 0.45 X 20 days is 9 and the maximum is 25% higher which is 11


I hope that all makes sense.  There is a bit of trial and error to get it perfect but this is a great start to get minimums and maximums set

Minimums – When to order again

Maximum – What level to order to

So if you have a minimum of 9 and maximum of 11.  The system will not order until the stock drops below 9 and when it does it will order to bring you up to 11 items.


Write up compliments of Jon Balter! Thanks Jon




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