Is your Sales Team meeting your expectations, or giving you excuses? (CSS)



We’ve met very few copier dealers that don’t stress out at the end of every month trying to make their numbers.


Yes, your reps know your products inside and out.  They’ve been through all the factory training.  And some have years in the business.  But how competent are they at SELLING? 


Here are just a few indicators that your sales engine may need a tune-up.


  • Sales forecasts are seldom met…prospects roll over from month to month to month
  • Getting stuck too low in the organization and trying to sell through office managers and other low level managers
  • Reps are closing less 50% of the proposals they make
  • Getting your proposals shopped with competition
  • Competing on price instead of overall value (discounting is the typical closing strategy)


Evaluate Your Sales Team Now

If you can relate to some of the above challenges, take a couple of minutes right now and find out  just how your sales force measures up to a high performing sales team.   

Go to and enter the password     scjuice

This free 26-question assessment will help you understand just how strong, or weak, your business development team is. You’ll get feedback in five very important areas:

• Sales Results
• Sales Effectiveness
• Sales Management
• Training/Education
• Sales Personnel/Team

The complimentary assessment will take no more than 10 minutes, probably less, and you'll have your results and some suggestions for improvement immediately.

Got some weak areas?  What’s that costing you?  What if there was an effective way to show a small 10% improvement in every one of those areas?  What would that add to your bottom line?  What impact would that have on your team (less costly turnover, perhaps)? 


Would you agree that selling has changed?  It has, but salespeople haven’t adapted to the changes in the marketplace.  Need proof?  Look at how you rated your team. 


Everyone of the above sales challenges that dealers face (and a whole lot more) can be fixed with training…SALES training. And we’ve come up with a very unique solution.  You do the product training and leave the sales training to us.  CEO Juice and SalesCoach have partnered together to offer a program to copier dealers that works in your industry. 


Our SalesCoach training is delivered online in short weekly lessons to each of your reps.  All you need to do is install a small app on your reps’ PCs and you’re off and running.  Reports are sent to you automatically so you know what they’re learning, what they’re doing, and where they need help.  If you want to conduct short reinforcement sessions during your sales meetings, we’ll give you the tools to do that.  Even a “help desk” for your reps to call to speak to an experienced trainer who has sold for 35 years in your industry.  SalesCoach has over 6 hours of short video lessons on a variety of sales topics, a Locker Room that features 15 hours of audio, and other tools to make their job easier…all available 24/7 so your reps have a place to go to find answers to their most challenging sales issues. 


When you partner up with SalesCoach training and the CEO Juice reports your reps will be able to:

  • Implement a sales process that works
  • Deal effectively with stalls & objections
  • Get more appointments with qualified prospects
  • Weed out dead deals early so they don’t waste time on prospects that have no intention of buying
  • Manage the “Inner Game” of selling…dealing with rejection, setting goals, etc.
  • Improving people skills so they don’t look like every other copier salesperson
  • Close more business, at higher margins, in less time
  • Take control of the sales process instead of being held hostage to the buyer’s process
  • and a whole lot more.


If you want to get a better handle on your sales, this program is a no-brainer!  If you’ve got a sales manager that’s supposed to be doing the training, but in fact is the super closer, this program will make his life, and yours, easier. 


The investment is $79 per rep per month…with no contract…and a 30 day money back guarantee if it’s not everything we say it is. 


If you don’t train ‘em, don’t blame ‘em! 


Here’s how to get the process started to get your reps on the fast track.

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