Overview of the SalesCoach Program (CSS)

Overview of the SalesCoach Program

CEO Juice and SalesCoach have combined their resources to provide copier dealers with an exclusive training and reinforcement program that will greatly improve your reps’ selling skills using the latest in technology and the most effective sales strategies and tactics available today.

The program consists of 3 interconnected elements:

  • The SalesCoach Learning Library consists of 6 modules with a total of 42 videos averaging 10 minutes in length on virtually every topic that salespeople need to master; includes downloadable PDF workbook pages; 2 books and CDs; 13 additional hours of audio sessions and other tools and resources.  Available for review 24/7 for as long as you remain on the programm.  This curriculum is delivered online over 6 weeks with an assessment mechanism so you know who is staying current and how well they are learning the material.  Time requirement is approximately 45-60 minutes per week for the first 6 week.
  • After the initial 6 week training period, the training is reinforced on an ongoing weekly basis for as long as needed with the same delivery and assessment mechanism mentioned above.   Each week your reps will receive three short lessons and the following week  three review questions on the previous week’s material.   
  • Finally, there is a sales manager’s resource center which provides a wide variety of relevant, yet short exercises that can be conducted locally at your sales meetings with virtually no preparation.

The SalesCoach Learning Library (videos, audios, workbook, and other resources) Content

Module 1:  The Changing Face of Selling; The Buyer’s Process; Traditional Feature & Benefit Selling; Attitude Adjustment; Overview of Common Sense Selling.

Module 2:  Building Trust & Rapport; Controlling the Sales Process with Meeting Agreements; Uncovering the Prospect’s Pain; Tips for Becoming a Better Investigator.

Module 3:  Qualifying for Budgets and Decision Process; Draft Proposals; Presenting Solutions and Closing the Business; Protecting the Sale; Forecasting Accurately.

Module 4:  Dealing with Stalls & Objections; Sales Tactics; Maintaining Your Price; Negotiating Tactics.

Module 5:  Prospecting; Cold Calls & Voice Mails; Dealing with Gatekeepers; Elevator Speeches; Referrals.

Module 6:  DISC Behavioral Styles; The Inner Game of Selling; Characteristics of Successful Salespeople; etc.

Locker Room:  2 downloadable books (Common Sense Selling and the Monday Morning SalesCoach); 2 downloadable CDs (Quick Lessons & Role Plays and The Process Driven Advantage; plus 13 hours of audio on various topics that support the sales process, territory management, forecasting and several sales management topics.

How to Get Started and Use the Training Program

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