Automating sales training (CSS)

Whole college courses are now available online! Many large companies now have most of their training material available online. Many sales training companies are also placing their training material online. 

Most sales training companies suffer from the same problem, reinforcement. The sales team come back pumped from the 2 day boot camp but 3 months later 95% of that training is forgotten. This is not just limited to sales, everyone in the company needs training. Are you one of those companies that still "invents the wheel" with every new hire or have you thought about documenting the process online?

CEO Juice is looking to put some of the same automation and exception reporting that we use on eAutomate and some CRMs behind online training. You determine what the process should be and we ensure it happens. An example might be on day 1 you have to watch these 3 videos and read the company handbook, we chase to ensure it is done, ask questions to ensure the material was learned and push them back to retake if needed. 

Our real magic is when we can include data from eAutomate, your CRM and your training site. Then we see things like, (1) well he's over quota so he doesn't have to take the training, (2) looks like all appointments are not with the decision maker, they need to learn this piece of the sales process.

We are starting to test a process where we would automate sales training. Right now we are testing the concept with who have automated their training and Common Sense Selling sales process into a very unique online program, more on their process here.

The concept is that we would push out a series of videos and other information that teach Common Sense Selling (or whatever sales process you use). These would be sent to each sales person who would be tested after each piece of material was viewed to determine their retention of the material.   If the answers indicate that they have not understood and retained the material, we would continue to train them on the content and continue to test. The content is also available to them 24/7 as a selling resource.  More on this process here.

Right now we are only working with SalesCoach but we have the potential to automate training for any process that has material available online. Not just sales training, see here for other training options.


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