Options for automated training

This is still a new process for us and we are looking for ideas. Here are some suggestions:

Sales Process Training

We currently have some selling skill Tactics available and a complete selling process but we can automate most web based selling.

Employee Handbook

Simply get us a copy of your employee handbook, come up with a list of questions and acceptable answers that would ensure the material was learned and we do the rest. You would send an email to train@ceojuice, copy the employee(S) who needs to read and understand the handbook and we will automate the rest ensuring the questions are answered correctly and the process is completed timely. Plus we will have an audit trail if ever a HR issue goes to court. The From address will be copied on all communication.

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    Stephen Boothe

    I believe this could be useful for the various processes we use in our day to day activities for training new employees in positions such as Sales Administrator, Service Administrator, Contract billing Clerk, etc.

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