CEO Juice IT Requirements

Attached (see link at bottom of this article) are system requirements for installing our software process engine CORE. Essentially we need a server operating system but not a high performance box, ideally ideally a system we can reboot without asking permission, virtual works (reboots are rare, once or twice a year and we always ask permission).  Don’t buy anything new without walking us through what you already have in place.

We can run in two modes. Typically 20% of what we do is create alerts, 80% is validating the data and sharing the Best Practice way to do something. In this scenario when we send an email saying "this part did not meet warranty" and your parts person does not feel that information is accurate, we would connect to the "juicebox", validate the data and respond to the parts person. There are also many alerts that require "custom Properties" be set up and configured, we also have many Crystal reports available that we would install and configure when requested by your user.


We install LogmeIn on our "juicebox" and have 24X7 access to this box. See this link if you are not comfortable with this or don't know us.


For clients that do not want us to have access, we can connect to the "juicebox" via a GoToMeeting or other tool.

See this link for a debate on whether the access is worth the risk.

As of March 2015, 13 of our 230 installs or roughly 5.6% of clients restrict us to GoToMeeting access, the majority being new clients, we have no clients who have been using us for over a year and do not give us access.



SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

This an additional feature that is part of the SQL Server Install. To power our newer reports we will need to install this feature. It runs as a windows service and does not affect the current SQL Server engine in any way. If there is not an existing version of SQL Server Express with advanced services running, we will need to install such an instance to serve as the back end for the SSRS feature.

Typically we like to schedule a gotomeeting session once you have a box picked out and we can connect to it. On this session (about 30 minutes) we install LogMeIn and create username / passwords needed.

Our services are similar to using an outside service to administer your network as we need to have administrative rights to your SQL Server instances so that we can properly install/maintain the alerts & reports & custom tables you are engaging us to provide.  We will not be making changes that impact the integrity of your e-Automate/CRM/any other databases.  We do not customize e-Automates SQL Tables/Views/Stored Procedures, we install our own tables/views/stored procedures that do not impact the structure/design of the core software, which means your e-automate/CRM client software stays 100% within their original specifications and updates from your software providers should not be affected in any way by our work.

We do have intimate access to your database, the e-Automate community is a close knit one and our reputation is key. We only work with EA copier dealers, one bad statement and we are out of business. You can choose to limit our access as long as you understand that it will also limit our ability to be responsive.

Please add the domain to your white list as generate a lot of emails. Let us know if you are running SQL2000/2005 as several of our alerts will not run on SQL2000/2005. See here for issues with sending limits if you have Exchange 2010.

We also need .net framework 4.0 installed which generally requires a reboot.

Email with any questions.

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