Why do business with us?

The first process that we are rolling out is to help get your sales team (and possibly all employees) standardized on a “Why do business with us” message.

We often see CEOs and VP of Sales frustrated that sales people don’t have the right message when a prospect asks why they should pick your company over a competitor. We refer to this as your “20 second commercial” and believe that while leadership should outline the points needed, each sales person should have it memorized.

This process will explain the importance of a solid 20 second commercial, collect the response from each of your sales people, display those responses to management and then walk the sales team through some online training to improve the process including management feedback on points that need to be covered. We will then show the final results to management.

This process is automated, sales will be chased to complete the task, will get videos to watch, be tested to ensure they understood the training and will even have random tests to see if they can respond with their 20 second commercial within one minute.

To start the process have your sales manager email and copy the sales team. If you have a group like please click the + sign to left of the group name to expand and have the individual emails listed. Put the subject as 20 Second Commercial. We will copy that manager as we chase the team.

You might mention in the body of the email that you are testing a new sales process.


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