What areas can CEO Juice impact?

Here are a couple of examples of areas where we have an impact;
Ensuring all contracts are set up and billing correctly, controlling data entry issue that cause inaccurate data, identifying and ensuring there is an action plan for your worst performing contracts, highlighting customers using excessive toner, etc.
Technician Productivity
Ensuring they are where they are supposed to be, fixing calls correctly the 1st time with the right parts stock, tracking to see are they “fixing the customer” as well as the equipment, etc.
Pushing sales leads direct to sales person, advising of upgrade opportunities (volume doubled quarter over quarter, large overage bill, service call on a discontinued model etc.), ensuring lease end customers are contacted, etc.
Emailing past due invoices, emailing sales order status including tracking links, surveying after service calls, emailing when the tech is dispatched, etc.
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