ID149 Meter Estimation Letter Overview & Sample

Provides letters to mail to your customers when meters have been estimated for billing contract invoices.

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Alert captures all contracts invoiced that day where the beginning meter and the ending meter on any of the equipment billed were both Estimated (using the Estimated flag) and generates an email containing PDF letters for your customer. We suggest these letters be reviewed by your billing dept and sent to the customer when appropriate.

 Run Schedule: Daily

Type of Output: Email

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The letter is customizable as needed, our default sample is below:

*  *  *

Alert Functionality

At the end of each day, this alert looks at all of you Contract Invoices for the day and creates PDF letter when both the Previous and Current Meter Readings are estimated. 

If no qualifying records, you will still receive an email with one blank PDF letter attached (sorry it is a limitation in how Crystal Reports works with our alert logic).

Meter Readings must be marked as ESTIMATE = YES as seen here via the Meter Reading Console:



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This alert has no variables

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Related Alerts

ID409Identify contract invoices with multiple estimated meters. Report of contract invoice meter billings where there were multiple consecutive estimated meters used for billing. This alert is a 'poke' not a pester, meaning it will report the piece of equipment once and then will not report it again unless another meter read is entered. We can also install the Custom Report version.


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