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For eAuto 7.6 - 8.5, eInfo has no functionality to automatically associate a Contact Record with the call because all it does is present the end-user with a text field that says 'enter your name/# here'. If there's a contact associated to an eInfo call it's because someone came along afterward and assigned it.  So this alert will trigger for every service call placed via eInfo unless a user assigns the contact before the alert runs again. eInfo calls will not have a Creator so add an email in the CC field on the alert for whomever will be responsible for creating a linked contact on those calls or use ID265.

For eAuto 8.7+, eInfo contact info does come through, if the following is met:

Service calls created in eInfo:

If a customer logs a service call in eInfo and the contact with the service call is in eAuto AND has eInfo rights, then the call will come through to eAuto with the correct contact linked.

Sales Orders created in eInfo:

If a customer places an order through eInfo and that contact on the order is in eAuto AND has eInfo rights, then the order will come through to eAuto with the correct contact linked.


Please use our alert ID533 to send your contacts an auto invite to eInfo.

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