ID753 - Drop Ship Notification Overview & Sample:

Drop ship orders fly outside the radar of most dealer's typical sales order process. With this alert an automated email will send to the Sales Order Contact as soon as the tracking detail is entered in the Sales Order. 

This alert requires you link the sales orders to the PO's. We recommend you have PO Processor/PO Receiver so it will auto populate the tracking information to the message tab of the sales order for vendors that are integrated with POP. If you are not using POP then you will have to manually input the tracking info on the message tab once you get that information.


VariableW: REQUIRED, please enter the Note Type in VariableW used by PO Processor to enter Tracking Details on your Sales Order

VariableX: Custom Property on Customer Record to disable Customer from receiving emails from this alert

VariableY: Contact Property Attribute set on Contact Record to disable specified Contact Record from receiving emails from this alert



We can format emails with needed verbiage, signature, etc:



Use ID165 to ensure you capture emails with sales order entry.

Use alert ID216 to let your customers know their order has been created.

Use ID200 to email contacts when tracking info entered in SO (we support FedEx and UPS).

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