ID582 - Metered Contract Customers Lost/Add Report Explanation & Sample (replaced with SSRS ID587)

Wondering if your Customer base is growing or not? This alert will provide you a lost/added contract by Rolling Month while providing customer, revenue, cost and click detail. 

(Note: This alert takes advantage of new functionality introduced in 8.0 and will no longer work for clients still running eAutomate 7.6x)

See LINK HERE for Best Practices on using Termination Codes


This report determines a "Lost" customer when a contract is terminated for a customer and that customer (nor the parent account) has any other active metered contracts at the time this report runs. An "Added" contract customer is determined by looking back one month and if there were no active metered contracts for that Customer (or it's parent), then this report considers that to be an Added Customer Contract. Another caveat is that this reports on "live" data. So it's possible that a contract customer "Lost" 6 months ago has since opened a new which case that "Lost" contract will dissappear from this report and the new contract will show up as an "Add". However, if a contract drop/add crosses, then it's possible for the "Lost" to dissappear and the "Add" to not show up since the report looks back one month for an active contract. There are too many variables to possibly account for that are highly unlikely in a typical dealership, but just understand that the assumptions make this accurate for the way your database exists at the time the report runs, and not something you can compare this months report to another from five months ago because data conditions could have changed.

The intention is to give you a trend as to the net impact on your customer base.

METERED CONTRACTS ONLY! Not for connectivity contracts etc.

Please understand this report looks at your data at the time the report is run, so due to changing contract coverage etc, the "historical" data on this report might change and differ from the previous month(s) reports. So it's a snapshot point in time that is accurate as of "Today"..but it cannot recreate contract conditions historically. So use it as a temperature gauge metric only that uses contract termination dates / start dates etc. as of today and it's accurate for today. Previous months could vary slightly if you make a practice of backdating contract start dates and/or terminations.

Variable Explanation:

VariableW - #Months Back to for previous active contract 

VariableX - is for when you have multiple Branches and you want us to send a separate report to each branch "Role" specified in the subscription for that branches data only. Select "Enable" for VariableX to send each branch their individual data.

VariableY - select "Customer" to display the salesrep assigned to customer record, or "Contract" to display the customer associated with the contract

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