ID252 - Contract Equipment Missing Meter Collection Info Overview & Sample

An easy way to ensure you are automatically collecting meters on as many machines as possible. 

This alert will check the following of all METERED contract equipment:

  1. If equipment is missing a meter contact
  2. If meter contact is set to email or fax (or sometimes phone, see notes below) as preferred method but “Use Automatic Meter Reading Request” is NOT checked
  3. If equipment meter is not set to “Require Meter Reading”

This is to help you ensure you have meter contacts setup and associated for all your contract metered equipment and also that when an email is provided that you have the equipment set to be incorporated in eAutomate's automated meter reading requests. If there are no meter groups on the contract at all then this alert will ignore that contract entirely.

If you have automated meter collection (i.e. FMAudit,PrintFleet) set up for certain customers/equipment and need to exclude them from this list, we suggest to either set the preferred method to "phone" and exclude phone contacts via VariableX from this alert.

Or if you want to see the phone ones, then you need to create one global contact for all monitored equipment and set that as the contact on all monitored equipment with a preferred contact method of "mail". Then the alert will think those ones are just fine and ignore them.



VariableW - Look for meters due to bill overage in W # of days or less

VariableX - Enter 'Exclude' if you don't want to be advised of Contacts where ContactMethod is set to 'Phone,' otherwise blank

VariableY - BranchNumbers to trigger for, separated by comma. Leave blank for ALL

VariableZ - Meter Type Categories to exclude. Leave blank for ALL


VariableW throttles the output of this alert so that it will only report meters due to bill overages soon (otherwise some client find themselves flooded with meters to correct).

VariableX allows you to exclude contacts whose Contact Method is set to phone. Best practice is to convert these clients to Email or Fax so your people have to do less work, but if you don't care to do that you have the option.



How to correct

How to correct alert level:

Missing Meter Contact: There is no Meter Contact listed on the Equipment Record:


Meter Not Set to Required: The Model Record is set to require that Meter Reading Type, but your Equipment Record does not have that Meter Reading listed (on Meters tab), which also indicates issue with your Contract Record as then your contract is not billing for that meter reading type:



Eligible for Request - The auto meter requests isn't checked on the Equipment Record:


 ** There is a new feature in eAutomate on the customer record, a checkbox for "Use automatic meter requests:


Checking this box will push the meter contact and the "use auto meter requests" option to the equipment record. It only does this for equipment records created after those settings are in place on the customer record. It will not update existing equipment records with that info.


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