Maximizing your client base

For clients using our survey process we track your Net Promoter Score and can tell who your fans (Promoters) are (more on that process here). We think we can leverage these Promoters to help you get better penetration in to your existing client base. After all they have said they are extremely likely to recommend your company to a colleague. Why not have them refer you to whoever is in charge of outsourcing IT support? Or whatever key service of yours that they should be using but are not. 

With our new HubSpot integration we can have your existing clients update your CRM with the decision maker’s contact information, we can email information and see who is interested, who clicks links, what do they read. Then pass your sales team qualified leads. All this is included in our regular monthly fee if you source HubSpot through us.

We believe that a key piece of any marketing message is why people should buy from you, what’s different about your company.

We see copier sales guys saying they have the best product, best service and competitive pricing. Unfortunately when that sales person leaves to work for the competition they continue to say Best Service, Best Product and Best Price. What the customer hears is same product, same service and I’ll haggle on price as that’s all that is different.

We think that understanding how to leverage tools like Net Promoter Score to talk about what’s really different about you can avoid having the team always compete on price. We actually think that your company should have a unified message of why a prospect would buy from you that everyone in the company understands and not just the sales team. We even built an automated process to train on this unified message, more on that here.

In addition we are fans of sales process training (not product training) and have partnered with to put some automation behind reinforcement training. Two day boot camps are great but quickly forgotten unless you have reinforcement and we think we can automate that.

We’ve been alerting from some of the popular CRMs like Compass and think that tracking things like closing rate percentages and whether or not sales people are meeting with decision makes can determine what training is needed.

So our thought is that it all ties together, no point in implementing HubSpot if you have not figured out what your sales message is, what’s different about you.

This is a new initiative for us and we're looking for clients to help us mold it, click here if you are interested.


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