ID315 & ID90 set up

These alerts are related in that they both require that your items are set up correctly.

We test your data for item set up with all new clients and typically find bad data. Manufacturers like Canon will say that this tube of toner is good for 30k clicks or that this drum is warrantied to last 100k. If you enter a yield of 1 and your customer does just one copy between toner orders or drum changes then our process won't catch them. So 1s are dangerous and unfortunately these is a set of conditions where eAutomate defaults to a 1.

With your permission we can:

  1. Delete any "bad data" like 1s. This does not impact any other eAuto functions. We can provide a list first if needed.
  2. Push in yield data that we store in our tables. ID571
  3. Let you know what high value / high turnover items still need yields. ID189 for parts and ID316 for supplies

Our best practice suggestion for entering these missing yields is to take your lowest paid / most available employee/intern and tell them to Google each part number. This has proved much quicker than trying to get lists from manufacturers, etc. We tend to see people get manufacturer lists and enter every part on that list whether it is a part used frequently in your system or not. Our report will only show the parts used regulary with the most common at the top.

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