Getting Around The CEO Juice Site (revised)

Here are a few pointers on getting around our CEO Juice website of alerts ( Also please see bottom of this post for attached PDF listing all available alerts.

When you go to you can look at alerts without logging in. By default the columns are sorted by Subscription Ratio (% of clients using an alert) with the most popular at the top. You have lots of search options:


1. If you know of a specific alert ID, then enter that number here to see more details

2. We have assigned Tags to our alerts to align with eAutomate console (i.e. AP, AR, Inventory, Service). In addition to those tags, we have added more detailed Tags to align with the specifics (i.e. Service Management, Meter Readings, NPS Score)

3. The wildcard search is just that - it will search all of our alerts and their description, tags, purpose, title for any word you enter here.

4. Each alert has a name, so if you know those particulars this is a great way to find it quickly.

5. Each alert has a purpose (what is it helping you accomplish) and this search will look for any word entered here in all alert purposes.

6. Get a quick list of our Highly Recommended Alerts for your reference and ease.


To LogIn, click on LogIn button in upper right hand corner to be taken to this prompt:

Your 1st time LogIn credentials are:

LogIn: your work email address

Password: 1Password (we suggest you change this at your first login)


**Please note if you ever forget your password, you can easily reset it by selecting the "Forgot your password?" link.



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