ID934 - Call with Parts Reassigned Notification (in Development)

If a service call is on hold for parts that are being ordered and is moved to a new technician, it's important that you check the new technician knows the parts status. Does the new tech already have the parts and they no longer need to be ordered or is it important that you ensure the ordered parts get to the correct new tech?

This alert will notify on specific reassignments so your Parts Department can act swiftly to see if parts reassignments are needed or possibly even cancel a PO if the new tech has parts needed. 

This alert will also notify the newly assigned tech so they get a heads-up and details on the required parts.

See ID260 for alerting tech of any new calls placed on his/her board as well as notifying tech of any call reassigned to a different tech.

Please also use ID59 to identify any that slipped through the cracks. This alert fires where a call is closed and some part used on that call is being pulled from a warehouse that is different than the tech's default warehouse. This alert prompts someone to check.


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